Alvington Court Farm Wind Turbine Proposal

Aylburton Says NO

to the Alvington Court Farm Wind Turbine Proposal

This is the first of FOUR turbines that Resilient Energy is proposing to build along this side of the Severn Estuary. The others are at Nurshill Farm (North Lydney), Plusterwine Farm (Woolaston) and Severndale Farm (Tidenham).

Height: 283 feet  87 metres
86 feet higher
than  St. Mary's, Lydney
Blade span: 163 feet  50 metres 

700 metres  758 yards from YOUR village

  Do you want something like this

less than ½ a mile from the village

Aylburton Says NO

Latest News
 This application was considered by the planning authority on

Tuesday 11th June.

Breaking News

The developer has appealed against the decision of FODDC Planning Committee to refuse this application. This planning application was refused because the siting, nature and scale of the wind turbine would cause harm to the setting of a Grade II Listed Building, Alvington Court Farm.
The Planning Inspectorate case summary can be seen at

AylburtonSaysNO will be supporting the Forest of Dean District Council in defence of their decision to reject this inappropriate planning application for an industrial-scale turbine, 284 ft high, only a few hundred metres from local homes and obscuring some of the finest estuary views in the County.

If you wrote to the FODDC Planning about this application it will write to tell you about the appeal. They will send the Planning Inspectorate copies of any letters of support or objection they received about the application while considering it. These will be fully considered by the Inspector who decides the appeal.

If you did not write at application stage, or you did write and now have something new to say, you can send your further comments. However the Inspector can only take into account information and evidence that is relevant to the appeal. This will be the reasons set out in the FOD Planning decision notice.

AylburtonSaysNo will shortly distribute further advice and suggestions to help its supporters make additional comments on this application.

Full details available soon

Planning meeting result in full - click here

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These organisations have all objected
to this wind turbine

Aylburton Parish Council
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  Alvington Parish Council
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Campaign to Protect Rural England
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CPRE Spring Newsletter
Lydney Park Estate

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English Heritage
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A large number of residents
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Say NoTo SevernTurbines

more wind turbines are being planned at sites along both sides of the Severn estuary in addition to the four proposed by Resilient Energy. Small communities are being targeted one by one by wind farm developers. Typically the developers attempt to 'buy off' local opposition to their plans with a small contribution to community projects. If their plans are passed, you will be living in the middle of a huge Severn Estuary Wind Farm. We are working closely with this newly formed action group. It's aim is to challenge each of these proposals. Similar wind farm proposals for four turbines at Berkeley Vale and at Oldbury on the opposite side of the Severn estuary have already been turned down by planners.

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This turbine is one of a number that are being planned for the Severn Estuary. Applications are being submitted piecemeal by several developers to the three planning authorities that cover this part of the estuary. In this way an overall assessment of their impact on this area is avoided. The map illustrates how a large wind farm is being created down both sides of the River Severn. The Alvington turbine is an industrial-scale machine and is clearly not community-scale as the developer claims. Some of the other turbines, like the ones planned for Aust and Sharpness, will be around 400 feet high and among the largest onshore turbines in this country. Of the turbines shown on the map only the St. Briavels one is operational. The Oldbury wind farm application has been refused, confirmed after an appeal, and all the others are are at various stages of the planning process. A windfarm of 4 turbines in the Berkley Vale (not shown) has also been refused.

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