Aylburton Water 


The purpose of these pages is to provide news and information relating to the Aylburton Water supply and the service that it provides.

Aylburton Water

 Annual General Meeting

will be held on

      Wednesday TBC April, 2017 at 7:00 pm in the Memorial Hall

The present committee consists of:Simon Rutherford (Chair), John Ridley (Secretary), Sheila Berryman (Treasurer), Steve Lewis, Terry O'Donnell and John Shirley.

Aylburton Water is a charitable association, which depends wholly on the voluntary effort and contributions of its members. Membership is only be open to individuals over eighteen from each household or to organisations connected to the association's water supply. All of the members will be equally responsible for the water availability and quality from the supply.

The association's objects are to provide the village of Aylburton with a water supply at the discretion of the trustees. The charges that are received for this service will be used for costs in relation to providing and maintaining this supply. Any residue remaining will be applied as trustees think fit for the benefit of the village of Aylburton.

 The charity is administered by a committee of members elected at each Annual General Meeting, which will be held in March. When decisions have to be made at any General Meeting, each household or organisation will have one vote but if there is an equality of votes the person who is chairing the meeting shall have a casting vote.

The committee intends to apply to HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC) for formal recognition as a charity for tax purposes.

 If you require any further information, please contact the Secretary, on 01594 841294 or email  aylburtonwater@gmail.com

   Aylburton Water constitution pdf

Service Information Notice

The water supply charge will be £40 for households for 2016.
Repairs and improvements to the storage tanks have been completed.

Terry O'Donnell will be collecting the annual water charge in July 2017.

If you are experiencing supply problems, please contact any of the following:
Secretary, John Ridley, on 01594 841294
email  aylburtonwater@gmail.com
The George Inn

3rd March 2017    The supply is running normally.                              

Aylburton Memorial Hall